Product development and innovation

IBI² supports companies with the application of the most recent sustainability principles and design strategies that must lead to fundamental innovations that are leading and trend setting in the market.

Bio-design, Biomimicry and Bionic are design strategies that are connected to the Blue Economy. We use these design strategies to develop new applications of materials, designs and processes, that support your organisation to claim a leading position within your industry.
What we do goes beyond nature-inspired design. Actually, it is about implementing nature’s complexity in sophisticated and usefull sustainable concepts. It focuses biological processes as an inspiration and an example for new material innovations – adapted to nature’s material efficiency and sustainablility.
We have established the IBI² Consortium to bring manufacturers and designers together and to annually offer them a number of concepts in which they can design and develop products so these can be added to the IBI² collection. With this collection we jointly present ourselves on international exhibitions and so we will enter the international market.
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